Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Store of the month: Space Encounters

I decided to do a feature on a store each month because I used to love scouting for new furniture but work always got in the way. This way, I'm forced to do something I love. hehe It's not exactly a hassle. This month, it's a store called Space Encounters on Emerald Ave. in Ortigas just on top of mini stop. Special thanks to owners Wilmer and Thor for allowing us to have a mini photo session there!
Most of their pieces are quirky and fun. Some of the pieces in the picture include the yoda and twiggy chairs and the firefly table. My friend Pam found a lot of cute items that made it to her wish list for her birthday. Btw, she's celebrating it on July 23. =)
I wouldn't have made the time to visit the store if it wasn't one of my items to cross out from the list. Therefore, thank you list for making me come here!
Love the reproductions of the iconic chairs. They make great accents to add some fun into your own space.
Add: Unit B Mezzanine
Padilla Condominium Building
F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald ave.)
Ortigas Center, Pasig
Tel: 910 8031

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tile Express on MetroHome!

Congrats to us! We made it to MH's resource issue last month under the article 'Designer tiles, builder's prices'. Do check it out! We took one whole page and just opened February 6. It is a 300sqm store all glass with over 300 designs of porcelain and ceramic tiles. 

Tile Express has supplied major developers such as SM, Eton and Ayala within one year of business. Visit us at 1947 Quirino Avenue, corner Benitez Street, Malate, Manila.
Tel: 302-9225

Rubber ducky, you're the one!

My friend Barbie and I are planning to host a baby shower for our partner and I saw a theme I hope we can implement for it! It's happy, cute and CU-UTE! Some inspirational pictures for the shower:

The Invite


Table setting

and the giveaways... if ever.

Still have to polish the guest list, the date, the games. It's going to happen next month and we just found out it's a girl. Yay, I think Caroline will make a pretty name. Think about it.

The List

Sunday, July 4, 2010

30 small things before the big 3-0 .

Exactly a month from today, I will be turning 30. haha and being the dork that I am,
I am making a list of the 30 things I want to do before I turn 3-0. They don't and they won't be major. haha but it's something to keep things exciting to pass the days. I just want to!
(arms crossed). No judgements please!
1. Sell tiles in filipino. good luck to me.
2. Visit a church I've never been to before.
3. Help a stranger out.
4. Watch a movie alone.
5. Take Ally out to a picnic.
6. Visit a restaurant I've never been to.
7. Blog about a new furniture shop in manila.
8. Cook something.
9. Bake Arthur brownies (by request. unfair)
10. Take more photos with friends.
11. Attend victory night or bible study.
12. Run a fun run.
13. Finish a book.
14. No fastfood.
15. Drink 8 glasses of water.
16. Reconnect with an old friend (haha. ty facebook)
17. Make amends with someone I have hurt.
18. Be there for someone who's down.
19. Make a new friend.
20. Go out dancing.
21. Donate.
22. Have a themed party.
23. Go to the sunday market in Legaspi.
24. Wake up to see the sun rise.
25. See the sunset.
26. Watch the inauguration on youtube. (shame on me).
27. Get a new client for work.
28. Tell my family how much I love them.
29. Talk to my mom.
30. Give notes of thanks to 30 people who have taught me something.
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