Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cupcakes, Coffee, Book club.

Bibliophiles, we have our first book for the book club! So happy that everyone got along and that we reached a consensus for the first read. Got so excited that I bought the book right away after the meeting and I'm looking forward to quiet nights with it.

I have high hopes for the group. We are even planning to watch the movie together, starring Julia Roberts. It's been ages since I had got to hang with a bunch of girl friends and I forget just how much fun it can be.

Also, a special shoutout to my bestfriend Sarah for those yummy cupcakes. We are still in the process of finding a name for the club. Here are the contenders:
T.B.C. The Book Club (haha)
O.B.C. (Ortigas book club and I'm the only one not from Ortigas...)
B.A.B.E. Book Addicted Boy Educators (yes, we take this name thing seriously)
B.A.R.E. Books are really enjoyable.

and my personal favourite....
Cal's book Club.

They said they might agree to this if I have my own syndicated talk show and start giving them cars or millions. Either is fine.

So, thanks girls for joining. And thanks Chino for crashing our meeting and suggesting comics. Suffice to say, you are banned from the group. hehe. I also met two more girls who want to join. yay! So I'll see you all again soon!

Next meeting July 31!

Friday, June 25, 2010

PPPP Part 1 !

Yes, for one night, we were brought back to our childhood days where we used to anticipate slumber parties on friday nights, excited at the prospect of staying up til late at night just gossiping and laughing and um, pillow fights. One weekend, a group of five girls did just that.
We tried to stay prim and proper at the beginning but..... as you can see... it didn't stay that way for long. and yes, we had those pillow fights.

hehe it was great. We stuffed ourselves and indulged in a chick flick and one tagalog movie. I didn't understand everything but enough to tear up from laughing too hard at this old movie called temptation island.

We're making this a regular thing. I think it's sweet to have one night off just being well, kids (at least a kid at heart). To more pancit, peachy peachy and leftover birthday cake and those yummy tacos! Here's looking forward to PPPP Part 2!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

P.P.P.P. ! ! !

Pyjama Party Pam's Place !!!!!!

I feel like I'm in highschool again and I'm excited for tomorrow night. A wholesome friday night with a bunch of fun girls, pyjamas, food, dessert, dvds, a few board games and most probably, a whole lot of screaming. ok girls, time for our check list:

1) Pam: dvds. check.
2) Toni: pasta. check.
3) Rio: nachos. check.
4 & 5) Cal and Candy. umm... we're bringing the fun fun fun! CHECK!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ohhh... BABY!

Suddenly everyone I know just found out they are pregnant or about to give birth soon. awww... It got me nostalgic and I wanted to look at some beautiful nurseries and found these adorable rooms. another awww.....

Almost makes me want to have one again. haha, almost.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ally's sweet surprise

I was browsing through my old pictures at PSID (Philippine School of Interior Design) and I saw these and thought they would be perfect for my daughter's 5th birthday this month. Last year, we baked cupcakes. We'll step it up this year and just thought this table setting by my friend Peter is absolutely adorable!
Hehe he even used her name for the guest. sigh, good times. These were taken around 2 years ago.

... and Ally LOVES animals. I think she will be so happy when I surprise her with this.

Peter and his group did this for an assignment we had to do for class. They got the highest grade for it. I have to agree. We came in second with our japanese themed setting. hehe

It looks so yummy. I can just easily use the animal toys she already has. The tree looks good enough to eat. My only demise is that the biscuits are wasted but they make a delicious sight.

yum yum yum yum yum. Hope i can surpass this! It'll be my gift to Ally. I'll bring it to her school so she can show it off to her classmates as well. =)

adios sunshine, welcome 'bed' weather...

This year consisted of a lot of firsts for me which is a wonderful feeling because it means I still can have a lot of things to look forward to and experience. This summer, I spent it with my second family who was kind enough to include me in their holy week getaway. It was my first vacation in over a year and my first time in Puerto Galera.
We stayed in a really nice resort. They said it's not Boracay but I was just so happy to be away that I loved everything about it. Yes, I am easy to please. hehe but the room we stayed in cost around p12,000 and it was paid. What more can I ask for??

The resort we stayed in is called Buri Resort and it was the best one there. (score!). Check them out at . The rooms were Asian Contemporary and reminded me abit of the resorts in Bali. The roof is also covered with the leaves from the Buri tree.

I swam almost every day there and we had a mini trail. We got to experience the paradise falls, ride a carabao cart which were all a first for me as well. Oh, and it was a first for the others to see someone like me devour everything from the buffet during the excursion. There is a picture of just how much I ate but don't think it's decent to post it here. haha

Oh and I'm always on a look out for the best hot choco out there. I should blog about that one time.I give this hot choco in a resto in Sabang a 7.0

Every vacation comes to an end but I am looking foward to a lot more. Next month, I will be traveling to Palawan and that's another first for me too. I'm psyched about it. Just hope it doesn't rain while I'm on the beach.

"The world is a book. Those who do not travel read only one page"
- St. Augustine

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My masterpiece

I am not your typical mom.I dislike kids - the constant whining, questioning, the mess but to quote Miranda from SITC (which is opening today btw!) "Brady's different". Ally's different. She's the first kid I love which makes it so much more convenient because she's my daughter. haha I am going to do the shamless mom thing and plug how talented and beautiful my daughter is.I know she will surpass me in every way and I'm just so proud of her. Here are some of her the works she did when she was three years old. This one above is my favourite. I love it. I love the colours she picked and where she applied them (spoken like a proud mom).

It is not surprising to see her stay in a corner and draw or paint for hours. Even in a room full of activities, this is what makes her happy and I will support her in this. I think she can be a great artist or designer or anything in the creative field. I can see that already in her even in her personality. She will draw on anything and everything. Good thing she stopped drawing on walls (unlike her tito who shall not be named). I even like her version of monsters. haha So here, I wanted to dedicate this blog to her and hopefully make bahjillions on the net when she becomes famous. (again, bear with me for being a such a mother).
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