Sunday, June 6, 2010

adios sunshine, welcome 'bed' weather...

This year consisted of a lot of firsts for me which is a wonderful feeling because it means I still can have a lot of things to look forward to and experience. This summer, I spent it with my second family who was kind enough to include me in their holy week getaway. It was my first vacation in over a year and my first time in Puerto Galera.
We stayed in a really nice resort. They said it's not Boracay but I was just so happy to be away that I loved everything about it. Yes, I am easy to please. hehe but the room we stayed in cost around p12,000 and it was paid. What more can I ask for??

The resort we stayed in is called Buri Resort and it was the best one there. (score!). Check them out at . The rooms were Asian Contemporary and reminded me abit of the resorts in Bali. The roof is also covered with the leaves from the Buri tree.

I swam almost every day there and we had a mini trail. We got to experience the paradise falls, ride a carabao cart which were all a first for me as well. Oh, and it was a first for the others to see someone like me devour everything from the buffet during the excursion. There is a picture of just how much I ate but don't think it's decent to post it here. haha

Oh and I'm always on a look out for the best hot choco out there. I should blog about that one time.I give this hot choco in a resto in Sabang a 7.0

Every vacation comes to an end but I am looking foward to a lot more. Next month, I will be traveling to Palawan and that's another first for me too. I'm psyched about it. Just hope it doesn't rain while I'm on the beach.

"The world is a book. Those who do not travel read only one page"
- St. Augustine


  1. When are you going to Palawan? Who will you be with?

  2. sigh. with YOU, u funny guy. unless u sold the ticket u promised me??? hahaha


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