Friday, June 25, 2010

PPPP Part 1 !

Yes, for one night, we were brought back to our childhood days where we used to anticipate slumber parties on friday nights, excited at the prospect of staying up til late at night just gossiping and laughing and um, pillow fights. One weekend, a group of five girls did just that.
We tried to stay prim and proper at the beginning but..... as you can see... it didn't stay that way for long. and yes, we had those pillow fights.

hehe it was great. We stuffed ourselves and indulged in a chick flick and one tagalog movie. I didn't understand everything but enough to tear up from laughing too hard at this old movie called temptation island.

We're making this a regular thing. I think it's sweet to have one night off just being well, kids (at least a kid at heart). To more pancit, peachy peachy and leftover birthday cake and those yummy tacos! Here's looking forward to PPPP Part 2!

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