Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My masterpiece

I am not your typical mom.I dislike kids - the constant whining, questioning, the mess but to quote Miranda from SITC (which is opening today btw!) "Brady's different". Ally's different. She's the first kid I love which makes it so much more convenient because she's my daughter. haha I am going to do the shamless mom thing and plug how talented and beautiful my daughter is.I know she will surpass me in every way and I'm just so proud of her. Here are some of her the works she did when she was three years old. This one above is my favourite. I love it. I love the colours she picked and where she applied them (spoken like a proud mom).

It is not surprising to see her stay in a corner and draw or paint for hours. Even in a room full of activities, this is what makes her happy and I will support her in this. I think she can be a great artist or designer or anything in the creative field. I can see that already in her even in her personality. She will draw on anything and everything. Good thing she stopped drawing on walls (unlike her tito who shall not be named). I even like her version of monsters. haha So here, I wanted to dedicate this blog to her and hopefully make bahjillions on the net when she becomes famous. (again, bear with me for being a such a mother).

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