Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer in the Metro

Exactly four days from now, I will be having my 1st VACAY in a year and three months! I can't wait to finally have a few days to myself and do nothing but have fun, fun. fun! So yes, I am in the best of spirits and am just loving the summer. Since most of us are traveling out of town, check out the MetroHome magazine summer special to read before the flight of yours and learn how to put a splash of colour into your own homes. For those staying in town, at least you have a small project to work on. C+C gave a few tips on how to create the summer mood in your home.
Here are a few tips:
1. Add a splash of colour

2. Think GREEN

3. Go natural

For more, grab the magazine and read the rest. It is a four page article crammed with pictures and ideas. You can even buy the items featured so it's not a hassle. MetroHome magazine is found in all major bookstores and is a product of ABS-CBN. Oh, my partner and I were also interviewed on their morning show a few weeks ago on this piece. We were on set 4a.m. to set up but went on around 8a.m. It was a morning where all I can remember is that I kept drinking coffee. With all that caffeine and the butterflies in my tummy, I don't know how we were able to talk without throwing up. haha but it was fun. Hope we get to do that again. Also! Last note: I am going to Buri Resort in Mindoro and the pictures in the site looks awesome! Hope it's just as beautiful. Will review that when I get back.

Happy Holy Week people!

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