Monday, February 8, 2010

Play Time!

One monday evening, a gallery for art toys had a grand opening. It featured Mark Landwehr of Corase Toys and Spencer and Steven Ong of Rotobox. This art gallery is called Vinyl on Vinyl.
That night, urban music blended with art and for a few hours, we were kids again. Well, kids with slightly more expensive toys. Music was by Nomad technology

The Beatles!!!!

Pinoy Pride! These toys were done by local artists

I like

Some more eye candy

Someone commented that if you had to steal something, this is it. It's the most expensive piece in the store.

A good turnout. One of the part owners is Gabby dela Merced (in pink). To see more of their toys, Vinyl on Vinyl is on 7274 CollectiveMalugay St., Makati Philipines. It's just across the LTO. A memorable place for me because I keep getting caught at the first stoplight on slex from buendia. Warning for those going that route.. eventhough there is another stoplight just a few meters away, just stop. It doesn't make sense having them so close but anyway, back to the gallery...

the store is situated in a nondescript area but I heard it will be an up and coming venue for more art galleries as well as for some restaurants so it's definitely a place to keep an eye on!

Vinyl on Vinyl
7274 CollectiveMalugay St.,


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