Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sebastian's Shower!!!

My friends, Eda and Chino, and I decided to throw one of our PSID friends a baby shower. We did not have much time to conceptualize and buy props but I think in the end, it turned out to be really charming with  Mary Grace as the venue and the wood toys as centerpieces. All under a really really good budget. (Meaning: We were pretty resourceful!) 

Chino thought of the toys and balloons, I made the invitation. Eda organized with the family and we all bought the props as well as bring it all together. Good job guys.  

Chino's pride and joy: The vegan T-Rex and the peacock he did with Ally.

My Ferris wheel! One of the titas loved it and brought it home! 

Eda made the train and thought of buying the blocks to accompany the pieces. 

The Beautiful Couple: Kat and Richard! Happy you liked the party! =D


The Bodestyne Family PLUS Chino.  

PSID girls: Me, Eda and Iriss

The dad of the mom-to-be giving a speech. Some of the guests loved the centerpieces so they brought them home. Yay! Success! Besides, it was fun assembling those toys. Not to mention the adrenaline rush since we did them just that morning. Good thing no one noticed. hehe

Congrats again to the lucky couple and can't wait to meet Sebastian really really soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bucket List Item number.... (I'm not sure what)... but CHECK!!!!

September was a month of many firsts. It was my FIRST time to go to Hawaii. It was my first time to room with people I just met and it was my first time to go SKYDIVING!!! *woot! woot!* It was not scary at all. Take note I was probably numb from all the partying I did the night before and was about to pass out. Good thing it wasn't that obvious in the pictures. I STILL can't believe it's DONE and it was AWESOME!

The JUMP!!! 14,400 feet above sea level

My trainer Brian!

Channeling SUPERWOMAN !

Skydiving over North Shore Beach, Oahu Island, Hawaii!

The parachute ride going down made me dizzy because of the winds. Whew! We're landing..

I DID IT BABY ! ! ! September 11, 2011
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