Saturday, December 26, 2009

Writings on the Wall

I know, I know. It's been 2 weeks since I blogged and it being the holidays and all, the Christmas theme is a common topic. And what did I decide to blog about? Graffiti. haha

Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. Infact, this Christmas was one of my best. We didn't celebrate it in some exotic country or do anything special but it exceeded my expectations in terms of work, friends and family. aww. haha well, anyway, one of the artists I've been meaning to feature is GRAVER. If you remember the C+C office, we used his art on our walls and we were happy with it. Grafitti has always had a notorious reputation but based on their long and proud history, these artists are actually passionate, skilled and community-oriented. Graver has done several styles and was even in demand for corporate accounts such as Smart, Coca cola, Dell and Crocs. He also produced some background work for the music videos of OPM bands like Bamboo and Drip.

Graver had always been intrigued by the spontaneous and wild style of doing graffiti. He started back in 2004 and has been hooked every since. He made a name for himself in Indonesia but had to move to Manila in 2006. According to this year's FHM july issue, Graver's arrival revived the graffiti culture here in Manila.

Graver considers graffiti to be an outdoor activity that's art because it gets to interact with the public. It is a very loud form of art that the public will either love it or hate it.

Bamboo got him to work on this for their "Muli" video

This one was from the "Morning After" music video from Drip

We sometimes have clients who would like some graffiti design as their accent wall. Graffiti is pretty safe for interiors. Just remember to have some sort of ventilation for the artist while he's working with spray cans indoors. Having a graffiti design indoors creates a unique touch to rooms because it brings that urban, outdoor feel indoors.
If you want to try your hand at graffiti, start by doodling letters. Keep sketching until you are confident enough to work with spray cans. Find a blank wall and remember to work with a mask.
Check out more of his works
Oh, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 'right stuff' at MetroHome

We were happy MetroHome magazine asked us again to style for their article on finding the right look for their November issue. C+C was given the task to conceptualize a glam and a preppie look.

We were abit unsure about how to do preppie because there were so many ways to go about it. In the end, it was Ralph Lauren meets Martha Stewart. I have to admit I had more fun choosing accessories for this one. It was funny because several pieces we picked for these shots were either unavailable or the owners were hesitant to lend them so we had to revise a lot of times and on the day of the shoot, we ended up with several items that came from different combinations but we did that whole Tim Gunn thing and 'made it work'. We also worked for the first time with photographer Aldwin Aspillera.

Many thanks to editor Carlo Tadiar as well as to Barbie Pardo and Kathy Polots for sending the pictures!Oh, and a special shout out to Zeny for choosing the right chair for the preppie look when we couldn't get the original chair. kudos! ;)

Get a hold of this special shopping issue to insure you get the right stuff for your own home!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My CALLING... card

A year, two months and three name studies after, we finally got our official calling card. C+C Interior Design Services is up for business and we can literally spread the word. I never thought I would end up designing interiors. I can’t draw to save my own life. My mom used to love buying furniture and kept rearranging the house. She also used to have these interior design magazines lying around. I never thought I’d end up styling interiors for one in the future but this is it. I mean... THIS is IT. I can’t imagine doing anything else that would make me feel this contented.

No one ever thought I’d be in this industry. I took it up for the fun of it and the fun never stopped. A few days ago, I was browsing through some of my old journals. I was reading one back when I was 17years old. I was flipping through the pages when I came across a love and hate list. I skimmed through it and I stopped at the bottom of the page. There in black and white (or maybe it was in purple ink), I wrote –‘interior design (furniture, houses, etc)’ under the love list. Wow... seriously?? It took me by surprise. I didn’t even recall writing that down. I'm just glad I got to document it to see how far I’ve gone. I now have a list of short and long term goals. Let’s see how I’d fare a decade from now.

One of them is to build up C+C with my partner. I wish for it to be a great interior design firm to be known internationally.

I promised my partner that whatever trials and difficulties our company may encounter, I will never leave. I’ll keep that promise because I mean what I said before...


Monday, November 16, 2009

One more reason to go to cebu..

Delphine Groult.
I first learned of her work from my former professor at PSID. She was showing us pictures of a supplier she was raving about and when I saw the pictures, I couldn't believe we can actually get those here. There were so cute, so adorable so kitschy.

She comes from a family of artists in France and moved to the Philippines around 2006 where she decided to stay and set up shop. She loves to restore solid wood pieces and called her first collection "Haute Couture". Her trademark is putting bright colors on period furniture making them really charming pieces that are definitely unique.

so pretty and girly and whimsical

This british inspired console is on display at ac 632, Greenbelt 5.

My first stop when I visit next year for the Sinulog festival


For those of you who are lucky enough to be living there already, her store is located at the Paz realty building, A.S. Fortuna street, mandaue city. +63 32 238 78 03.

C+C headquarters

My partner and I formed our own interior design company C+C and decided to put up shop at his place. We wanted it to have that modern and industrial feel with a touch of quirk. This project took us around three months to complete and it was our first time to play around with cement flooring. It was also the first time for our contractor... she was really nervous about doing it..

Haha Good thing it turned out well eventhough we had to repeat some of the areas because the outcome was too dark. We love the final result!
We had a fun time scouting for furniture as well and found some hidden shops and new suppliers along the way.

We got these Philippe Starck La Marie chairs paired with a table we found at Concept Specialist. The table is actually a conference table but it works. Our former professor made our sofa and we got the beanbag from marketmarket. I love the tinted mirrors. We used them also in the master bedroom. Our blinds originally were wood finish but the admin office requires all window treatment to be white and thats when we decided to buy this white dvd cabinet.

This is an ikea cabinet distributed by Mobler. We got this from their makati branch although they also have a store in Greenhills on Wilson street. They're currently on sale until Dec. 2. fyi.

And ta-dah! Our office! complete with the mini spidermans! and other toys. Graver was our grafitti artist. We just wanted the office to give out that playful and young feel and just make it fun fun fun. check out more of our office pics at and if you can grab a hold of MetroHome's October Issue, our office is being featured there. (shameless plugging).

So there. I got my dream office. My next project is to build my dream home.

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