Monday, November 16, 2009

C+C headquarters

My partner and I formed our own interior design company C+C and decided to put up shop at his place. We wanted it to have that modern and industrial feel with a touch of quirk. This project took us around three months to complete and it was our first time to play around with cement flooring. It was also the first time for our contractor... she was really nervous about doing it..

Haha Good thing it turned out well eventhough we had to repeat some of the areas because the outcome was too dark. We love the final result!
We had a fun time scouting for furniture as well and found some hidden shops and new suppliers along the way.

We got these Philippe Starck La Marie chairs paired with a table we found at Concept Specialist. The table is actually a conference table but it works. Our former professor made our sofa and we got the beanbag from marketmarket. I love the tinted mirrors. We used them also in the master bedroom. Our blinds originally were wood finish but the admin office requires all window treatment to be white and thats when we decided to buy this white dvd cabinet.

This is an ikea cabinet distributed by Mobler. We got this from their makati branch although they also have a store in Greenhills on Wilson street. They're currently on sale until Dec. 2. fyi.

And ta-dah! Our office! complete with the mini spidermans! and other toys. Graver was our grafitti artist. We just wanted the office to give out that playful and young feel and just make it fun fun fun. check out more of our office pics at and if you can grab a hold of MetroHome's October Issue, our office is being featured there. (shameless plugging).

So there. I got my dream office. My next project is to build my dream home.


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  2. and you got the best partner too! :)

  3. yes, i got my dream partner too =)

  4. interesting read:) was hooked by the time i saw those zebra prints.. can't wait til your next, way to go cal!

  5. thanks eds! totally appreciate the support. =)


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