Saturday, December 5, 2009

My CALLING... card

A year, two months and three name studies after, we finally got our official calling card. C+C Interior Design Services is up for business and we can literally spread the word. I never thought I would end up designing interiors. I can’t draw to save my own life. My mom used to love buying furniture and kept rearranging the house. She also used to have these interior design magazines lying around. I never thought I’d end up styling interiors for one in the future but this is it. I mean... THIS is IT. I can’t imagine doing anything else that would make me feel this contented.

No one ever thought I’d be in this industry. I took it up for the fun of it and the fun never stopped. A few days ago, I was browsing through some of my old journals. I was reading one back when I was 17years old. I was flipping through the pages when I came across a love and hate list. I skimmed through it and I stopped at the bottom of the page. There in black and white (or maybe it was in purple ink), I wrote –‘interior design (furniture, houses, etc)’ under the love list. Wow... seriously?? It took me by surprise. I didn’t even recall writing that down. I'm just glad I got to document it to see how far I’ve gone. I now have a list of short and long term goals. Let’s see how I’d fare a decade from now.

One of them is to build up C+C with my partner. I wish for it to be a great interior design firm to be known internationally.

I promised my partner that whatever trials and difficulties our company may encounter, I will never leave. I’ll keep that promise because I mean what I said before...


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