Monday, October 10, 2011

Bucket List Item number.... (I'm not sure what)... but CHECK!!!!

September was a month of many firsts. It was my FIRST time to go to Hawaii. It was my first time to room with people I just met and it was my first time to go SKYDIVING!!! *woot! woot!* It was not scary at all. Take note I was probably numb from all the partying I did the night before and was about to pass out. Good thing it wasn't that obvious in the pictures. I STILL can't believe it's DONE and it was AWESOME!

The JUMP!!! 14,400 feet above sea level

My trainer Brian!

Channeling SUPERWOMAN !

Skydiving over North Shore Beach, Oahu Island, Hawaii!

The parachute ride going down made me dizzy because of the winds. Whew! We're landing..

I DID IT BABY ! ! ! September 11, 2011


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