Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My very first baby shower.... to host!

We mixed abit of the first and second concept. Black carriages and yellow rubber ducks. Haha it actually turned out really cute and simple. Barbie and I were able to organize a party with minimal costs and still have it looking pretty good. Thanks so much to Barbie for the table setting!

Invites by Chino and I was so particular about dress code that one guest drove back home just to wear her black cocktail outfit. hahaha Sorry! I even brought eight.. yes, eight extra dresses incase anyone was underdressed. Hehe but everyone looked fabulous so maybe bringing those dresses was abit extreme.

Some pictures before the guests arrived. We had two games. (not for kids definitely!)

The prizes courtesy of B. We had more than enough food since everyone pitched in, Thanks people!
One guest kept laughing at me because I must've asked five times for guests to take home their cupcakes. hahaha as my friend Toni would say, I am a party-zilla! =p But anyway! Allan and Eda, congrats congrats congrats! We look forward to meeting the newest addition to the Acuna family and she is definitely the luckiest baby in the world! Hope you enjoyed our gift to you.

Much love, Cal and Barbie.


  1. beautiful stuff! So classy :)

  2. Thank you Monica! We wanted to give a simple yet elegant shower. Btw, my friend Barbie and I are going into event styling. Spread the word. =)


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