Sunday, August 8, 2010

Black + White + Yellow = fabulous baby shower

A few changes have been made since the last planning session for my friend's baby shower. After
spending more time with her, she's not into the usual cutie colorful theme.
Infact, when I helped her with the registry, she couldn't find a single toy she liked because the colors were too loud. So we kept the color theme but upgraded the look to make it look more sophisticated yet fun. So this coming sunday, 8 guests are invited to a black and white party
....... with a splash of yellow.
Here are some of the pegs we took inspiration from:

My friend Barbie and I are still hosting this one. She has the best ideas for parties so I have no doubt it's going to turn out beautiful. She even ordered some cupcakes with the carriage design below. Will post pictures soon after the shower is done!

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